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YOLO Board | I Will Design For Food

Yolo Board

The stand-up paddleboard brand that launched a movement

S E R V I C E S  P R O V I D E D
Brand Strategy • Logo • Board Designs • Website • Apparel • Photography + Direction
Vehicles • Advertising • Packaging

YOLO Board Paddle Dog IWDFF Jake Meyer I Will Design For Food Inc.

The Name

Pre-Drake, pre-hashtags, pre-meme-culture, a small, local stand-up paddleboard company turned “you only live once” into a name, a mantra, and a new movement in watersports. Today, they’re an international industry leader and one of the largest SUP companies in the world.

The Special Sauce

Partnering with YOLO Board from the very beginning, IWDFF (avid surfers ourselves) developed the brand’s signature look—from their extensive logo collection, to their sun-drenched photographic style, to more than 200 individual board skins (and counting)—to exude and expand upon the bold, carpe-diem spirit of their namesake.

Sean Murphy Photo YOLO Board Hammerhead
Yolo Board Logo Designs Artwork YOLO Tribe
Yolo Board Website design
Watersports Branding IWDFF Jake Meyer YOLO Board You Only Live Once
Adventure Sprinter Van Design by I WIll Design for Food for YOLO Board
IWDFF Board Design

“In the water sports and lifestyle leisure business, we’re challenged every year to create a better line and push producers to deliver it. IWDFF has been my brand partner and product developer for more than a decade. They’re fun and easy to work with and they know how to reach and grow our tribe. They execute greatness year after year and I ultimately sleep better at night knowing that I’m always in good hands.”

Jeff Archer
Owner and Found of YOLO Board + Bike

Bill Bahne EJ Johnson Jeff Archer Darian Boyle
Stand Up Paddle Board Design by and Jake Meyer
Yolo Board Stand Up Paddle Board Designs by IWDFF Jake Meyer and I Will Design For Food Inc
Photo of EJ Johnson by Sean Murphy for YOLO Board
YOLO Board SUP Designs and logos
Branding by IWDFF and Jake Meyer
Shaping by Bill Bahne design by I Will Design For Food IWDFF and Jake Meyer